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Jonathan Dayton High School

Jonathan Dayton High School
139 Mountain Avenue
Springfield, NJ 07081

School Enrollment: 612
Grades 9-12
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A Message from the Principal

Welcome to Jonathan Dayton High School and our school website. We are very excited about presenting our school on the web and sharing with you news and information about our school, students, faculty, and staff. Throughout the year we will be updating information on school programs, activities, and athletic events. We will also be providing a link to our new weather station that will be available to our website viewers and will be seen later in the school year on NBC weather reports. Enjoy your visit.

Dr. Norman Francis, Principal

Mission Statement

We, the members of Jonathan Dayton High School’s educational community, are dedicated to developing a body of knowledge and high ethical standards that will enable our students to thrive in a rapidly changing and increasingly diverse society. We will achieve our mission by offering a comprehensive, rigorous set of courses and activities while demonstrating the highest degree of mutual respect, commitment and professionalism.

Belief Statements

We believe that…

  • Students are entitled to an intellectually, emotionally and physically safe environment.
  • All students can learn and are capable of succeeding at a high level.
  • Teachers attend to each student’s individual learning style.
  • It is important to respect the cultural heritage of every individual and the diversity of the student body.
  • A commitment to life-long learning is critical to success in high school.
  • Helping students develop strong character is an important responsibility of high school teachers and administrators.
  • Personal development encompasses respect, resilience and self-worth.
  • Academic integrity is the foundation on which any learning institution is founded.
  • The development of self-reliance and independence is essential.
  • Talent can be expressed through academics, the arts and athletics.
  • Good citizenship in the school, community, nation and world is a necessary component in complete character development. 
  • Community service promotes personal growth as well as civic engagement in society. 

Profile of Graduates

Graduates of Jonathan Dayton High School are...

  • owners of a well-rounded education
  • lifelong learners who are in possession of a solid foundation for future pursuits
  • critical and independent thinkers, proficient writers and confident speakers
  • mathematically literate, logical, analytical problem solvers who are able to make informed decisions
  • intellectually, physically and emotionally prepared for entrance into college, the workforce, or the military
  • ethical, involved, productive, service-oriented and responsible citizens
  • equipped with life skills, varied interests, and a desire for wellness
  • technologically capable and efficient
  • respectful and respected individuals
  • able to collaborate and work well with others
  • proud of their alma mater and continue to maintain a strong relationship with the school community
  • informed citizens of the global community

Norman Francis, Principal
Dr. Norman Francis

Ron Slate, Assistant Principal
Ron Slate
Assistant Principal