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09/19/2023 Community Update

Springfield Police Department Traffic Safety Reminders



Township of Springfield


MAIN (973) 376-0400 SPRINGFIELD, NEW JERSEY 07081



Every year, the traffic situation near our public school areas becomes more and more challenging. In Springfield, all of the public school properties are located on main thoroughfares which offer no buffer between school-related traffic and through traffic, and also significantly limit parking in the vicinity of the schools. This situation creates short periods of ‘gridlock’, especially during the morning rush hours and afternoon dismissals.

The police department has police officers and/or certified traffic directors posted at each school location to facilitate the movement of vehicles into and out of the properties, but these officers are very limited in what they can accomplish once traffic has become gridlocked due to nearby traffic signals and overwhelming vehicle volume.

To help deal with these challenging situations, here are some tips to keep in mind while driving through school traffic areas:

  • Do not block school entrances/exits while stopped in traffic. School driveway areas should be left open at all times to allow for ingress or egress. 

  • Do not block pedestrian crossing areas while stopped in traffic. Crosswalks must remain clear and accessible for pedestrian use.

  • Be observant of officers directing traffic and follow their directions.

  • Vehicles turning into school properties should queue out of the way of through traffic. If you plan to turn right into the school, queue your vehicle on the right side of the road to allow traffic to pass on your left. If you plan to turn left into the school, queue your vehicle on the left side of the road (next to the center divider line) to allow vehicles to pass on your right. ALWAYS USE YOUR TURN SIGNALS to let other drivers know what your intentions are.

  • Be observant of pedestrians and cyclists. Although students are taught to cross at the appropriate crosswalks where crossing guards are posted, children have been known to dart across the road if there are breaks in traffic.

  • Complete student drop-offs and pick-ups in the designated areas only. It is extremely unsafe to take on or drop off passengers while in traffic.

Where there is availability, some parents/guardians may opt to park their vehicles near the schools and walk to drop off or pick up their children. While this may help the traffic situation on the main roads, it can negatively impact the situation on the side streets. When parking, please be courteous to your neighbors and keep the following in mind:

  • It’s illegal to park your vehicle:

  • In a manner that it’s blocking someone’s driveway (even partially)

  • Against the flow of traffic

  • Within 50 feet of a stop sign

  • Within 25 feet of an intersection or crosswalk

  • Within a crosswalk

  • Within an intersection

  • On a sidewalk

  • Within 10 feet of a fire hydrant

Finally, the idling of vehicles near school properties continues to be problematic due to the traffic situation.  NJ law states that if a vehicle is not in motion, idling for more than 3 consecutive minutes is prohibited.  Once you’re on school property, if you’re lined up for more than 3 minutes waiting for dismissal, your vehicle should be turned off.