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Last Updated: 10/27/2020 1:27 PM

A school counselor is someone who wants the student to get the most out of school and life.  The counselor is specially trained to help the students find solutions to problems, meet the challenges of growing up, better understand and appreciate who they are, and how to relate to others and discover what they want out of life.

Counselors can help students assess strengths and limitations, make appropriate decisions, develop positive attitudes, resist peer pressure, deal with stress, choose courses that are appropriate, explore career options, plan for future education and find employment.



Name Position Voice Mail Extension email
Darlene Hill School Counselor 5247 dhill@springfieldschools.com
Jacqueline Ritter School Counselor 5334 jritter@springfieldschools.com
Anthony Vecchione School Counselor 5336 avecchione@springfieldschools.com
Maria Sista Student Assistance Counselor 5297 msista@springfieldschools.com
Kim Cieri Secretary 5245 kcieri@springfieldschools.com
Cindy Ferretti Secretary 5246 cferretti@springfieldschools.com
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