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Registering for Sports

Last Updated: 5/26/2021 3:23 PM



By clicking on the link below, it will bring you to FamilyID, which is our new sports registration platform.  You will need to create an account and complete/fill out all information in order to be cleared for the particular sport.


*NOTE: All returning athletes must register for each season’s Athletic program by using your account and password previously set up.




A. Your most current Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation form from your physician. Be sure to include page 1, and the Health History Form. Incomplete forms delay the clearance process.  Note: Physicals are valid for 365 days.

Click here for Athletic Pre-Participation Physical Form


B. The Health History form is required for all seasons. The state modified this form in 2020 to include COVID-19 screening information. As a  result, it is required from all student-athletes regardless of the physical exam date on file. 

Click here Health History Update Form



*** The following is also needed, in order to be eligible for a sport. ***
(This may or may not apply to your athlete):

1. Impact baseline tests must be submitted by every incoming freshman and transfer students. The baseline test is valid for two years. The majority of students will complete a baseline test in their 9th and 11th grade years. Impact baseline test will not be accepted from other school's databases. This includes baseline tests done at the Florence M Guadineer middle school.

Impact Test Administration Instructions, Head Injury Education


2. If your child requires an inhaler or epinephrine device, you will need to fill out proper documentation and hand it in to the school nurse (information is found in the links below).

Food/Bee Sting Allergy Action Plan

Asthma Action Plan for Inhaler Use


3. COVID-19 SCREENING:  All individuals involved in athletics will be screened at least once daily for the presence of Covid-19 symptoms and history of exposure. Athletic screenings will involve completion of a health questionnaire through a digitized “NJSIAA Daily screening form.

  • The athletics screening form will be available daily from 8am to 1pm and can be completed on any device that is connected to the internet. A 1pm deadline is in place to allow the ATC to review submissions and notify coaching staff of compliance before temperature checks begin. 
  • Printed copies of the questionnaire or late submissions will not be accepted. 

Any student having technical issues must email Mr. Jacobs at and Mr. Spangler at or leave a voicemail at 973-376-1025 x5232 prior to 1pm in order to be granted an exception.

The NJSIAA Daily screening form. can also be found under the district’s Family ID landing page.

Families are encouraged to bookmark this link and/or create a recurring calendar event to remind themselves to complete the form.



  • How can I find out if my current physical is on file?
  • Why can’t I practice if I submit my physical on the first day of sports?
    • All submitted physicals are sent to the school physician for review as per district policy. This process typically takes 1-3 days from the day that the district receives a new physical. To avoid disappointment all students are encouraged to submit physicals at least 5 days prior to the start of a sports season. 
    • The school physician is based out of the Care Station Medical practice located at 90 US-22, Springfield, NJ 07081. Physicals completed at this location do not need to be reviewed and will be processed immediately upon submission to the school. 
  • Why am I getting an email from Family ID asking for a “signature correction?”
    • There are sections of the Family ID registration that require separate “student” and “parent” signatures. If a parent signs their name as the student or vice versa, the registration will not be accepted.
    • Please be mindful of signature fields when registering. Follow the notification email instructions to correct an invalid signature admission. There is no need to start a whole new sports registration.
  • I submitted my NJSIAA Daily Covid-19 Screening form but didn’t get my confirmation email.
    Can I practice still?
    • All participants will receive a confirmation email from “Google Forms” when completing the NJSIAA Covid-19 screening form. If you did not receive a confirmation email the form was not completed fully. If you feel this is in error please complete the form an additional time until you receive a confirmation email.
    • The form can be filled out by either the parent or student-athlete but it must be done between 8am and 1pm. This allows for time to process the hundreds of registrations received daily and notify coaches and staff of absences and symptomatic individuals.
  • I emailed my paperwork to Nurse Graham / Mr. Spangler, why am I not cleared yet?
    • Digital submissions of paperwork will only be accepted when forms have been uploaded to your student’s Family ID registration. Information on how to upload physical/ history update forms to your completed registration can be found at the link below. ​​​​​

Family ID - Upload a File to a Completed Registration

If there is no possibility of submitting hard copy forms, families must upload well-lit and clearly legible images of their forms. Said forms should be submitted as one attachment. A single athlete uploading 3-5 individual attachments of digital forms increases the processing time and delays athletic clearance.



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