Boys Tennis

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JDHS Boys Tennis

Head Coach: Kaitlin Salmon

Assistant Coach:


Schedules can be obtained by going to: Schedule Star

Please note that the schedule may change throughout the season.



All players are required to attend all practices and strength and conditioning sessions throughout the course of the season. Attendance will be taken each day. In order for a player to be eligible for a match/scrimmage, players must participate in 6 full practices (warming up before a scrimmage does not count as a practice).

The following attendance policy applies:

  • A player must be in school for a total of 4 HOURS in order to participate in a practice or game (you must be in school before 10:30am).
  • If you are absent on Friday (or the last day of school for that week), you will not be allowed to participate in any events over the course of the weekend.
  • If you will not be attending a practice/match you must email us and let us know as soon as possible.
  • If you do not attend practice the day before a match, you will potentially not play in that match.
  • Coaches will determine if absences are excused.
    • If a player has two unexcused absences, their status on the team will be discussed and there will be a potential suspension.
    • Excessive unexcused absences may result in disciplinary action in which a student forfeits athletic eligibility and team membership.
  • Players are expected to be on time and ready to start at the given time. This does not mean you show up at the time that practice begins- you should already be at the courts and ready to play.



  • Live up to the standards of sportsmanship established by the school, the coaching staff, Union County Conference (UCC) & NJSIAA.
  • Be respectful- to your coaches, teammates, opponents, etc. Athletes being disrespectful and dishonest will not be tolerated. Players may face a team suspension, which will be at the coach’s discretion.
  • Communicate with the coaches! Please do not send someone else with your message. If you have a conflict, coaches need to be notified a minimum of 3 days prior, in person or email. Telling someone else to relay the message is as good as not telling the coaches at all.
  • Playing Time is based on a player’s skill level (determined by challenge matches), attitude, effort, motivation and teamwork. Playing time each match is not guaranteed and showing up for practice is not enough. If a player wants to participate in a match, they have to earn their spot by working hard each day. Grade level does not matter when it comes to who plays at the Varsity level. Players can move up or down based on their performance throughout the season (this is a PERFORMANCE based program). Players must prove to the coaches that they deserve to be on the court every single day. Substitutions are made at the discretion of the coach. Athletes who fail to complete the season may not be awarded a varsity letter. Letters are awarded using subjective and objective criteria for each particular sport and are at the discretion of the coach.
  • Game Day Match Protocol/Expectations
  • Everyone stays until the entire match is complete (last person comes off the court) and we have had a team meeting.
  • Wish opponents good luck before the game and congratulate them in a sincere manner following either victory or defeat.
  • After your match, shake hands with the opposing teams’ coach and thank them.


NJSIAA spectator rules for tennis

SPECTATOR INTERFERENCE: Spectators are not allowed to interfere with play. Most spectator interference is of a verbal nature, with the applauding of a player’s errors and intimidation the most common problems. Spectators are not allowed to coach during play, change-overs, between sets, or any other time. Infractions will be penalized according to #18 B as illegal coaching. Communication in any language other than English shall be considered illegal coaching. Team members are considered spectators, and may not coach.


Cell Phones

There are absolutely no cell phones during practice or matches. The use of a cell phone during practice or games will result in consequences that will be determined by the coaching staff. When you are at practice, you are expected to be focused and have the mindset of a true athlete


Important Dates





All High School Athletes must fill out all athletic forms and take the IMPACT Test.



Physicals will be given at JDHS for all high school students for the Spring season. Make sure that you have returned your forms to the school nurse and are SCHEDULED for a physical prior to the date scheduled.


March 1, 2019

First Day of Practice 3-5pm. Please wear sneakers/tennis shoes, bring a tennis racket, and water.


April 1, 2019



First Match of the Season

April 2019

Yary Pictures will be at JDHS at 3:00 on the Turf Field for team pictures. All players are required to wear their uniforms. If you would like individual and/or team pictures, please obtain a picture envelope from Coach or Athletics.



2018 Highlights

Season Record: 10-7

Union County Tournament: Finished 6th


2017 Player Awards:

Colin McCormack                           2nd Team All Conference 2nd Singles

Adam Gelo & Ryan Salman          2nd Team All Conference 2nd Doubles

Matt Mlawski & Brandon Wohl     All Conference Honorable Mention (1st doubles)


2017 Highlights

Season Record: 10-8

Union County Tournament: Finished 7th


2017 Player Awards:

Joshua Damast     1st Team All Conference 2nd Singles

Jared Horowitz         All Conference Honorable Mention




The Jonathan Dayton High School Boys Tennis program teaches habits of body and mind that contribute to a healthy and productive life. We will encourage our student-athletes to challenge themselves through honest competition and to learn lifelong lessons of responsibility, commitment, and initiative.  We will practice and teach teamwork and good sportsmanship. We expect all members of our community to respect the athletes and support the officials, and opposing coaches who join us in competition.  We recognize that our athletic program is an integral part of this community and complements the academic mission, which is central to the life of our school. Our athletes are members of the Springfield community and their actions, both on and off the courts, are a reflection of our team, coaches, and school. This season we are looking for a positive attitude about learning and playing tennis. The coaches expect every player to be committed, respectful, and responsible throughout the season.  To achieve our goals for the season we must cooperate with one another, communicate with an open mind, and always support our teammates.








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