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Last Updated: 10/18/2019 5:15 PM

The following clubs are offered at Florence M. Gaudineer Middle School.


Club Name Advisor Meeting Day Time Room Description

8th Grade Committee

Mrs. Herrington



To plan activities and raise funds for the 8th grade class (limited to grade 8 students only).




Mrs. Herrington



Working together to create a yearbook theme, photo layouts and copy. Committee is also responsible for raising funds to defray the cost of the yearbook.

Homework Club

Mrs. Gillen
Mrs. Sandford
Mrs. Collins




This group meets every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 2:30 thorugh 3:30. Homework Club provides a quiet place for students to complete daily homework. The HWC Advisors monitor the students’ progress towards the completion of their homework.  Occasionally peer tutors from the National Honor Society at Dayton High School are available to also provide extra support.

 Robotics Mr. Hildebrand      
The robotics club utilizes Lego Mindstorm robots to explore the world of automated robotics engineering, The students work in teams to build a unique robot to perform a given task. STudents must design, build and code the robot to meet the challenges of the given tasks.
 Environmental  Mrs. Masterson      
The FMG Environmental/Recycling Club gives middle school students the opportunity to volunteer their time for a cause outside of themselves. Environmentally minded students have the opportunity to participate in the school-wide collection and recycling of recyclable materials such as paper, books, cardboard, glass, cans and certain plastics. The students provide a vauable service to the schools while learning about the inportance of reducing our footprint and our consuption of limited natural resources.
 Student Council Mrs. Collins
Miss Mojka
The purpose of theFMG Student Council is to develop positive attitudes and to practice good citizenship; to provide leadership opportunities to students; to maintain and promote communication between faculty, students and administrators; and to create enjoyable social events for students. Student Council sponsored events include the Halloween Dance, The Talent Show, a food drive to benefit the Community Food Bank of New Jersey and various spirit days throughout the year.
National Junior
Honor Society
 Mrs. Chou
 Mrs. Olive
The FMG National Junior Honor Society is a group that selects members through a rigorous selection process. The group is chartered by the National Chapter and is committed to the core ideal of Service, Leadership, Scholarship and Character. The group offers service back to the school community by offering tutoring to other students.
 Junior B.I.T.S. Mr. Dial     IMC
The Junior B.I.T.S. program offers students interested and adept at technology support to work closely with the professional school-based technology team to offer the school community technology support. Students will work with the tech team to assist in computer repairs and troubleshooting issues in a one-to-one laptop environment.
 Art Mr. Gabriel      
The Art Club offeres the students the opportunity to explore art concepts and projects. Students are able to choose a project to work on a design using a variety of materials and techniques. Students in Art Club are free to choose from many different genres and mediums.
 Peer Tutoring Mrs. Chou
Mrs. Olive
The group meets once a week to collaborate on academic remediation. Students help each other with projects, assignments and studying skills in an effort to imporve overall academic performance.

Please be advised that a late school bus service is provided for all BUS students leaving Florence M. Gaudineer at 3:45pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. No Late Bus on Wednesday. Only students who normally ride the bus may use the late bus. Students using the Late Bus must have a pass from the teacher advising the club/activity that day.

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