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Florence M. Gaudineer Middle School Athletics

Middle School Athletic Coordinator: Mr. Jonathan Telesca
(973) 376-1025 ext. 1451

The Florence M. Gaudineer Middle School Interscholastic Athletic Program addresses the physical, social, and emotional needs of early adolescence. The approach to athletics is less competitive with opportunities to participate expanded in recognition of the physical, mental and social changes middle school students experience. While competition is a key component to the middle school athletic experience, it is not the predominant attribute.


  1. Students must obtain an Eligibility Packet from Mrs. Mowczan, our school nurse, during Activity Period or during the Lunch Periods.  All aspects of this packet must be completed in order for students to participate.  If there are any questions regarding player eligibility, Parents / Guardians must call Mrs. Mowczan at 973-376-1025 x 1226 or e-mail at rmowczan@springfieldschools.comClick on this link for a copy of the Eligibility Packet
  2. Coaches will have a meeting during Activity Period with students, who would like to participate in athletics.  An announcement will be made during Homeroom, which will tell students when and where the meeting will be held.  At the meeting, the coaches will provide students with an equipment list and season expectations.

During the Season

  1. All practices for all seasons will take place from 2:30pm-4:30pm.  Arrangements must be made for students to either be picked up or walk home at 4:30pm.
  2. Practices for soccer will take place on the FMG Turf Field.  Practices for basketball will take place in the FMG Gymnasiums.  Practices for softball will take place on the FMG Turf Field.  Practices for baseball will take place on either the FMG Turf Field or the baseball field between TLS and EVW.  (Transportation will be provided to this field.)
  3. All games for all seasons will begin at 4:00pm.  HOME GAMES for soccer will take place on the FMG Turf Field.  HOME GAMES for basketball will take place in the FMG Gymnasium # 1.  HOME GAMES for softball will take place on the FMG Turf Field.  HOME GAMES for baseball will take place on the baseball field between TLS and EVW.  (Transportation will be provided to this field.)
  4. Transportation will be provided for students during all AWAY GAMES.  Students will leave FMG after school on the bus.  After the game, students will leave the school or field where the game took place and return to FMG.
  5. Parents / Guardians can pick up their child at FMG when the bus returns.  If given permission by Parents / Guardians, students can walk home after returning to FMG.

After the Season

  1. All students must return all uniforms and / or equipment to their coaches.  Parents are responsible for any items that are damaged or not returned.

Directions for Accessing the FMG Athletic Schedule:

Our schedules for both practices and games are posted here.  This site offers complete and up-to-date scheduling information directly from our school. To access the schedule, choose the season (FALL, WINTER or SPRING) that your child is participating in.   On the drop down menu, choose the sport (SOCCER, BASKETBALL, BASEBALL or SOFTBALL) and then choose middle school boys or girls.

If you would like to receive updates for all FMG sports, please sign up to receive alerts through BIG TEAMS.   To receive alerts, click on GET ALERTS, which is located underneath BULLDOGS ATHLETICS.  If you sign up for BIG TEAMS, you will get an email or a message on your cell phone letting you know that a game or practice has been changed.

If your child is participating in FMG athletics for multiple seasons, you will need to change what team you receive notifications for.  You will need to access BIG TEAMS once again to change your preferences. 

Locations to all away games can be found on this website. They are usually posted or confirmed 24 to 48 hours before the game. Therefore, please check the website on the day of each game.

Please contact the coaches if you have questions or concerns.

FMG Girls Soccer Coach: Mrs. Condon

FMG Boys Soccer Coach: Mr. Haggerty

FMG Girls Basketball Coach: Mr. Lynch

FMG Boys Basketball Coach: Mr. Telesca

FMG Softball Coach: Mr. Lynch

FMG Baseball Coach: Mr. Schultz

Thank you for your continued support of FMG Athletics!!!


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