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Mission Statement

The mission of the James Caldwell School is to create a safe, challenging and dynamic student-centered environment. 

This learning community cultivates responsibility, cooperation, and self-motivation, while promoting a shared partnership between home and school. 

Through sound educational principles, we nurture the cognitive, social, physical and emotional development of our students as they transition from childhood to pre-adolescence.

Adopted June 2007


  • We embrace innovation in our commitment to excellence.
  • We relentlessly pursue instructional strategies that allow our students to become effective problem finders and problem solvers.
  • We foster perseverance in our students’ efforts to overcome challenges.
  • We celebrate uniqueness in our learning community and demonstrate an understanding that mutual respect among our members fosters collaboration.
  • We model the joy that comes from teaching and learning, and invite our students to enjoy their own educational journey.

Adopted September 2016



Contact Us
James Caldwell Elementary School
36 Caldwell Place
Springfield, NJ 07081
Phone:973-376-1025 x4499