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A Message to the Community of Springfield

Thank you for visiting our new web site! It is the intent and desire of each person belonging to the Facilities and Support Services staff to provide a safe and attractive environment for all those who attend our schools. Whether you are here to visit, teach or learn, we hope your surroundings will enhance your stay and allow each of you to optimize the time spent at Springfield Public Schools.

William Knorr
Supervisor of Facilities and Support Service



Mold Analysis

Edward V. Walton Early Childhood Center

Florence M. Gaudineer Middle School


Lead Water Testing


Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act Notice

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Environmental Remediation & Management, Inc. AHERA Letter (August 12, 2019)


School Integrated Pest Management Plan

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School Integrated Pest Management Plan


Annual Integrated Pest Management
Notice For School Year 2018-2019

Dear Parent, Guardian, or Staff Member:

This notice is being distributed to comply with the New Jersey School Integrated Pest Management Act Springfield B.O.E. has adopted an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Policy and has implemented an IPM Plan to comply with this law. IPM is a holistic, preventive approach to managing pests that is explained further in the school's IPM Policy included with this notice.

All schools in New Jersey are required to have an Integrated Pest Management Coordinator (IPM Coordinator) to oversee all activities related to IPM and pesticide use at the school. 

The IPM Coordinator for Springfield B.O.E. is: William R. Knorr

Business Phone number: 973-376-1025 ext. 1239

Business Address: 101 Mountain Ave., Springfield, NJ 07081

The IPM Coordinator maintains the pesticide product label, and the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) (when one is available), of each pesticide product that may be used on school property.  The label and the MSDS are available for review by a parent, guardian, staff member, or student attending the school.  Also, the IPM Coordinator is available to parents, guardians, and staff members for information and to discuss comments about IPM activities and pesticide use at the school.

As part of a school pest management plan Springfield B.O.E.may use pesticides to control pests.  The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) register pesticides to determine that the use of a pesticide in accordance with instructions printed on the label does not pose an unreasonable risk to human health and the environment.  Nevertheless, the EPA and the DEP cannot guarantee that registered pesticides do not pose any risk to human health, thus unnecessary exposure to pesticides should be avoided.  The EPA has issued the statement that where possible, persons who are potentially sensitive, such as pregnant women, infants and children, should avoid unnecessary pesticide exposure.

Included with this annual notice is a copy of the districts IPM policy, adopted March 1, 2004 and a list of the chemicals that were used in the past 12 months.


Notification of the Use of Pesticides

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