Hispanic Heritage Month September 15 to October 15, 2022

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Picture Representing the Spanish Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month Activities

"Hispanic Heritage Month" is September 15th - October 15th.  This offers us the opportunity to recognize the contributions of Hispanic Americans on U.S. culture. 

Ms. Barbara Reynolds our Media Specialist has created a book display in the JDHS Media Center. Students are encouraged to visit the Media Center to check-out books.  

In addition, Ms. Reynolds has also created a Follett Destiny Catalog Collection for "Hispanic Heritage Month" https://collections.follettsoftware.com/collection/5f5fb84f6da03a0012f622f1?h=45bcfb47c705484979aabcb9cc942bf694b74aed948c9fe5f395cdbe383b73db

High School and Middle School English:

We will be incorporating essays and articles in each class from a Latino viewpoint during our regular article of the week and essay of the week units.

We will read and react to specific selections from short stories while having in-class discussions which tie into different cultural backgrounds. 

We will have a quote and biography collaboration wall of famous Hispanic contributors and quotes from various Hispanic authors, stories, artists, historians, etc. 


High School and Middle School Social Studies:

We will be studying the indigenous societies of Central and South America followed by the colonization of those regions by Europeans (predominantly Spain).  We will be learning about the diverse groups of people that now make-up the many countries of Latin America and how their current cultures were shaped by this history. 

We begin an in-depth study of five ethnic groups in America using the latest census data. The first group we will focus on is Hispanic Americans and the push/pull immigration factors that led to increased immigration to the United States.  Part of the lesson includes an emphasis on the contributions of Hispanic Americans, such as Lin Manuel Miranda, who have impacted our society. 

There will be a short background on Spanish History Month then a short DBQ on the exploration of the Americas by peoples from Spanish countries. Students will compare/contrast that to the expansion and migration of early people during the Stone Age.


World Language Department:

1) Using songs in the beginning or the end of our lessons, this aligns with the concept of mindful music SEL. Italian/French: focus on artists that sing in both French/Spanish & Italian/Spanish.

2) Hispanic Artists such as Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo & their contributions. How did they influence art in France/Italy? What Hispanic artists can be found in the Louvre/Uffizi gallery?

3) Food: How Hispanic foods have influenced American food? French/Italian?

4) Dance: What are some traditional dances, how did they influence some of the dances we see in the US, France, & Italy?

5) Sports: Hispanic athletes and their contributions to sports



Teachers will engage with students and discuss what they want to learn from heritage celebrations.

1. Test Your Knowledge: Hispanic Heritage Facts Quiz


2. Test Your Knowledge: Immigration Myths and Facts Quiz


3. Research the life of a famous person for Hispanic heritage month. These are just a few suggestions of Latinos in the United States that students can research. https://www.teachingforchange.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/download-in-pdf.pdf

We will use BrainPop videos and Newsela to show videos and read articles that incorporate Hispanic culture as well as famous authors and poets.


Elementary Music:

Students will be learning about instruments from different Latin American countries such as the maracas, guiro, claves, conga drum and timbales. Students will learn about the countries that each of these instruments come from, and will get a chance to try some the different instruments as we read rhythms and learn traditional Latin American songs. Each grade will also be learning either a rhythm chant or Spanish folk song. This year we will be learning the rhythm chant “Bate, Bate Chocolate,” and a song called “Vamos a la Mar.” We will practice the Spanish lyrics and learn the translation of some of the key vocabulary words in each song.


As a part of our WIN (What I Need Period), students will have an enrichment lesson on famous Latin American musicians and composers.


How teachers address diversity in Math and Science classes

Here are some additional resources for Hispanic Heritage Month for inspiration and ideas:


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Hispanic Heritage Month Resources








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