Health Screening

Last Updated: 8/9/2022 3:58 PM


Dear Springfield Families,

The OnCourse Health Screening tool is now live for parents and staff members!

Starting Thursday, October 22, 2020, we will expect that all members of our learning communities fill this out every day that school is in session.

For our middle and high school students, please complete the questionnaire by 7:15 am every day that school is in session.

For our students in PK-6, please complete the questionnaire by 7:45 am every day that school is in session. 

While some of our students may not be attending in-person, collecting this information provides students the opportunity to return to school without challenges relating to whether or not they have completed the form.

Below, please find a quick guide to completing the questionnaire.


  1.  Log on to OnCourse Connect. If you are new the district, or need information about logging into OnCourse Connect, please visit

                                           Picture of OnCourse Connect Login Screen


  1. Review the language, and identify if your child is currently experiencing any of the symptoms described.

         List of Symptoms to choose


  1. Complete the section identified as “Exposure,” confirm your responses, and click the “Submit” button.  

       List of Exposures to choose



  1. If you have more than one child attending Springfield Public Schools, you will be asked to complete the questionnaire for each of your children.


  1.  After you click “Submit” your child’s record will show that they have participated in the screening.


         OnCourse Screening report result sample



  1.  If you have not completed the questionnaire, and your child arrives to school, your child will either be sent home with the parent/guardian present, or will be sent to the “Isolation Space” until the parent has completed the questionnaire.


  1. If the child is “Not Approved” because of identified symptoms or exposure, they will not be allowed to enter the classroom, and will either be sent home with the parent/guardian present, or will be sent to the “Isolation Space” until the parent/guardian is able to pick them up.


  1. If a mistake is made in completing the questionnaire, the parent must contact their school nurse to provide the appropriate clarification.  The nurse will have the right to request additional information from the parent, if the information shared includes health related concerns. Contact information for school nurses can be found at:


  1. The health of our students and staff remain our priority.  If your child is exhibiting any symptoms that might impact their experience in the classroom, please have them participate in virtual learning for the day. 
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