REVISED 3/21/2020! IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM THE SUPERINTENDENT, MICHAEL A. DAVINO, RE: Springfield Public Schools Emergency Preparedness Plans

Springfield Board of Education

Emergency Preparedness Plans

Union County
Springfield, New Jersey

Michael A. Davino, Superintendent


Instruction for all students-

         We have submitted to DOE, through The Executive County Superintendent’s Office all plans for all students. The plans are organized according to the district alignment of grades/building locations and are all inclusive. In addition, we have submitted an additional plan that overlays the provision of Special Education instruction and services that may not be covered in the overall education plan.

         During this time, we have a regularly scheduled administrative staff (Central Office Administrators, Principals, Assistant Principals) and supervisory staff (Humanities, STEM, building, Health/PE and Practical, Visual and Performing Arts) meeting every Monday morning through ZOOM Meeting. The meeting will review issues, the current implementation process and the expansion of services where we are able and developing new approaches as we evolve in this new and challenging environment.

Principals, in concert with content area supervisors, will continue to monitor and review teacher lesson plans (modified as per our Online Learning Platform plan) and interact with teachers as may be necessary to continue a robust learning system under extenuating circumstances.

Overall demographic profile, including:

         Springfield Public Schools have 2226 students in 5 schools. Those schools individually are populated as follows:

Edward V. Walton Early Childhood Center-grades prek-2 has 566 total students.

pk 3 yr. old ½ day, (13); pk 4 yr. old ½ day, (72); kindergarten full day, (171); 1st grade, (152); 2nd grade, (158).

James Caldwell Elementary School-grades 3-5 has 266 total students.

         grade 3, (93); grade 4, (89); grade 5, (84).

Thelma L. Sandmeier Elementary School-grades 3-5 has 248 total students.

         grade 3, (79); grade 4, (91); grade 5 (78)

Florence M. Gaudineer Middle School-grades 6-8 has 535 total students.

grade 6, (187); grade 7 (184); grade (164)

Jonathan Dayton High School-grades 9-12 has 611 total students.

grade 9, (160); grade 10 (122); grade 11, (187); grade 12 (142)

Student count for state funded pre-school – 0/0%

Homeless Students – 6/.002%

Low Socioeconomic Students (LSE)– 251/.11%

Students with Disabilities/504’s – 330 - .15 / 116 - .05%

English Language Learners (ELL’s)- 41/.02%


All students with varied age-appropriate needs are addressed through the plan-

         As identified above, all instruction is age appropriate and guided by adherence to our curriculum, which is managed by our monthly curriculum maps and is aligned with the most recent New Jersey Student Learning Standards.


Student access to technology for all grades and the applicable online platform-

         Springfield Schools are a one-to-one laptop district. All staff received a MacBook Air laptop (2019 version); all students in grades 6-12 received MacBook Air Laptops (2019 version) for 24/7 technology capacity. Our elementary classrooms are two (2) to one ratio of MacBook Air and iPads. So, our students are and have been significantly literate in the technology standards identified by The New Jersey Student Learning Standards for Technology. Additionally, we implemented a survey process for all our families as soon as we realized that we were preparing to close our school buildings. As a result, we are able to identify those households requiring further assistance with respect to limited device capacity and have a plan in place to provide them with district supplied devices. We also have a technology helpdesk, that addresses all students/staff with technology difficulties and replacement procedures should those needs arise.

         As a district, our students and staff have been acclimated to an online learning platform in excess of 12 years. Over that time all students in all grades have gradually been trained and invited into the use of technology to introduce, maintain and advance learning. We are currently using OnCourse Learning as our platform for prek-12 instruction. This is our completely integrated platform which integrates all content areas, student scheduling and teacher lesson plans. In addition, supervisor/principal/administrative guidance regarding those plans, ELL’s, Special Education IEP requirements as well as accommodations and modifications to instruction/assessment mandated by the IEP are provided by the appropriate personnel. This all occurs in a coordinated, integrated, single platform to facilitate a cohesive Springfield Online Learning Environment. It is our directive that a minimum of two hours of instruction be provided on a daily basis. All content area teachers are providing online activities and instruction as they would under their regular teaching schedules. It assumed that such assigned activities and instruction is likely to exceed the minimum of two hours per day. In addition to facilitate easy access to our programs and resources, remote access is achieved through a single sign-on program called CLEVER.

         We have also addressed certain issues where the use of technology presents a different set of problems for some families, by providing them with paper copies of prepared work. Those initial sets of materials have been mailed. Subsequent sets of materials will be mailed as well.


Provision of appropriate special education and related services for students with disabilities-   

As stated throughout the above questions and responses, our instructional plan encompasses all special education needs, mandates and modifications. These are noted throughout teacher lesson plans which are coordinated by the appropriately certificated staff. Our district is organized as push-in instructional services, except for those students requiring a self-contained educational environment. We are currently utilizing remote contact methods (ZOOM, Cisco WebEx etc.) for meetings and continue to expand our capacity to reach students and parents for more direct one-one, face-face contact as we become more comfortable and competent in those environments.


Provision of school nutrition benefits for eligible students-

         The following message was communicated to all parents and specifically those eligible students:

Students eligible for the free/reduced lunch program will be able to pick up breakfast and lunch, at the same time, at the back of the cafeteria in the rear of Jonathan Dayton High School. Each school has identified those students eligible for the program. Our Central Office Administration and Pomptonian Food Services, our food service provider, have designed plans to facilitate the availability of meals for all eligible students. Pickup time will be between 8:30 A.M. and 10:30 A.M., Monday through Friday during this period. Parents of eligible students should contact their building principal, through email, with any questions they may have regarding this program.

There will be two food service employees preparing and distributing appropriate meals for eligible students. Delivery will be facilitated through a drive-up, grab and go process.


Information related to the pending waiver request before the United States Department of Agriculture-


         SFA Name: Springfield Public Schools

         Agreement #: 03905000

         Date Meal Distribution will begin: March 17th, 2020

         Date Meal Distribution will end: when schools reopen

         Schools/Site where distribution of meals will take place: Jonathan Dayton High School


Meals to be claimed for reimbursement per day:

(up to two meals, or one meal and one snack, per child per day) two meals                                                              

Outline of the SFA’s method for meal distribution, meal content, claiming procedure.

Meal Distribution: Grab and Go Bagged

Meal Content: NSLP reimbursable lunch program content

Claiming Procedure: Rostered




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