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As a lifelong educator, I have always believed that all children can learn.  The issue is that children learn in as many different ways as there are different styles of learning.  They also learn at their own pace.  It is the responsibility of the educational system to design programs that meet the needs of all children.  As such, our programs must address those needs in our ever expanding global community.  Technology has widened our reach and children will live in a world dramatically different than one we might even imagine.

As a school district, our educational environment must be student centered.  Our children will become more actively involved in their learning as they begin to move away from the more passive methods of old mass production models.  We have high levels of expectations for our students.  We expect them to successfully master basic skills and to apply those skills in solving problems.  We expect them to use and apply technology in a variety of ways to enhance their educational experience.  Finally, we expect our students to be successful lifelong learners who appreciate the diversity that surrounds them in school, in their community and around the world.

Our children may be the future, but we are clearly the vehicle that will be needed to help them get there.  To that end, our exceptional staff of teachers has worked with our administrative, supervisory and support staff in preparing rigorous curriculum that will prepare our students accordingly.  With your parental support and involvement, we will be successful in ensuring each child reaches their potential in a supportive environment.

Michael A. Davino
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