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School Counseling Services

Dan Cocco
Supervisor of School Counseling Services
(973) 376-1025, ext 5295

Mission Statement
The school counseling program of the Springfield Public Schools provides opportunities for all students to acquire the educational, occupational and social competencies important to live productively and contribute significantly in a diverse and changing society.

Overview of the Department's Services

The school counseling program in the Springfield Public Schools is designed to be comprehensive in scope and developmental in nature. Students develop competencies in academic, career and personal/social development.  Every student receives the program’s benefits as it is an integral part of each student’s total educational program.

The services of the department are designed to meet the needs of students and parents at different stages of development.  In the elementary buildings school, counselors facilitate weekly classroom sessions.  These lessons are supplemented by small group counseling to address the needs of specific students, respond to specific individual needs, and referrals for families who need additional counseling services.

At Florence M. Gaudineer Middle School the school counselors work with students individually, in small groups and in the classroom. The curriculum focuses on successful adjustment to middle school and personal/social topics that are developmentally relevant to young adolescents.  Eighth graders receive assistance with transition to high school.

At the high school level, successful post-secondary placement is the focus of school counseling.  Beginning with eighth-grade registration, the counselor works closely with students and parents throughout high school.  Emphasis is placed on individualized services to meet the needs of the learner as he/she works to accomplish his/her goals.  By establishing a close personal relationship with the student, the counselor is able to provide effective assistance in post-secondary planning.  Academic progress is monitored closely, and career and college plans are developed.  Individual conferences are the primary method of delivery; however, small and large group counseling sessions are important components of the program.

The Student Assistance Counselor has the responsibility of responding to identified problems, preventing future problems and promoting positive and healthy behaviors for students in the middle and in high school.  The SAC works in cooperation with school personnel, counselors, parents, and students in assisting with crisis intervention, early identification,  and supportive individual counseling for students who are at risk for substance abuse or showing signs of other emotional, social, legal, medical and/or familial problems.

Contact Your School Counselor

School counselors are available to assist students and parents at all grade levels.  Please contact the counselor if you have questions or concerns:

 Name  School  Extension    Email
 Ashley Cicchino  EVW  2001
 Lillian Abadir Chou    FMG  1238
 William Douma  FMG  1237
 Adrianna Oliveira  JC  4026
 Jackie Ritter  JDHS  5334
 Darlene Hill  JDHS  5247
 Stephanie Renelle  JDHS  5336
 Christina Marchese  TLS/EVW  3039
 Maria Sista  SAC (FMG/JD)  5297
 Kim Cieri  JDHS Guidance Department Secretary  5245
 Rachel Petrella  JDHS Guidance Department Secretary  5246