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Student Support Services

Tiffany Boehm
Director of Student Support Services
139 Mountain Avenue
Springfield, NJ 07081
973-376-1025, Ext. 2595

Welcome to the Springfield Department of Special Services! The district provides a range of educational services that are designed to provide learning in a variety of placements to meet the learning and behavioral needs of students in the “least restrictive environment.”  These include regular class placement with support in the general education setting, resource centers, self-contained programs, and specialized placements.

The department is comprised of Child Study Team members, related service providers, special education teachers, and other specialists who:  

  • Evaluate students identified as potentially disabled or students who may be in need of speech/language services.
  • Develop IEPs for students who are eligible for special education or speech/language services.
  • Implement special education and related services identified as per the IEP.
  • Monitor the special education program and related services.
  • Provide consultation as needed.


Parents are encouraged to maintain ongoing communication with their case manager, teachers and therapists to enhance the home-school partnership.  A special education parent organization schedules meetings throughout the year on a variety of topics.


Name Position School Extension Email
 Ms. Tiffany Boehm  Director  District  2595
 Ms. Renee Altman  Psychologist  JC  1426
 Ms. Regine Rousso  Psychologist  JD/FMG  5323
 Mrs. Stacy Weiss  Psychologist  EVW  2457
 Mrs. Jessica Hollingsworth  Learning Consultant  JC/TLS  5273
 Ms. Kimberly Paz  Learning Consultant  FMG/JD  1231
 Ms. Kelly Sehulster  Social Worker  District  5337
 Ms. Juile Frank  Secretary  District  2498
 Ms. Sherry Ferrera  Secretary  District  1229

 Alyssa Vogas

 Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)      

 Gianna Becker

 Occupational Therapist      

 Lauren Gigante

 Speech Therapist      

 Camille Paolino

 Speech therapist      

 Traci Glazner

 Speech Therapist      
 Danielle Simon  Speech Therapist      


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