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Special Education Parent Advisory Group (SEPAG)

Do you have a child who receives special education and/or related services through the Springfield Public Schools (this includes students with out-of-district placements)?

If you answered yes then you are eligible to be a member of our district SEPAG.

What is SEPAG: A Special Education Parent Advisory Group that is a state-mandated, district-level, parent-driven group charged with providing input to the local school district on system-level challenges in special education and related services.

Some of the topics that Springfield Public Schools SEPAG meetings will include:

  1. Updates on local and state-wide special education policies.

  2. Speaker nights- where we will invite local speakers to talk about topics that are relevant to special education.

  3. An opportunity to bring up questions and concerns regarding Springfield Public Schools special services.

In order to register for SEPAG, please fill out the Google form using the link below:

Please join our Facebook page:

Springfield Public Schools Special Education Advisory Group

Feel free to contact Lisa Afflitto, SEPAG district representative, at

Parents of students with special needs are encouraged to participate in this group to share ideas, provide input and foster a relationship of collaboration and open communication with the district's Department of Special Services. Meetings and workshops are subject to change - please visit our webpage to ensure up-to-date meeting dates/times/locations. 

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