Community Update Letter 09/14/2023

Notes from the Walton Carline

Dear Walton Parents, 


Over the last few days, it has been my pleasure to direct the Walton carline.  Everyday it has gotten better, and I look forward to smoother traffic ahead!  I have been in contact with our amazing crossing guard Judy, and would like to provide some reminders and feedback:


  • We are very grateful for the Renaissance Church partnership and do not wish to see that hurt.  Please DO NOT park in the Renaissance lot.  Please only utilize the exit driveway for leaving the Walton lot.   

  • Please DO NOT BLOCK the entrance to the school or the exit intersection.  This increases traffic and keeps the busses from arriving at the school.  

  • Do not park in the street opposite the school or no parking areas in front of the school, it blocks traffic and you are subject to be ticketed. 

  • I have observed the following over the last few days, and these are practices that are unsafe and cause significant issues:

    • Speeding in the lot, particularly those going to the parking lot or going around the PreK/K circle- this is unsafe!

    • Exiting from the vehicle while in the carline- this puts your child at risk! 

    • Not following the directions provided.  

    • Blocking of the driveway, delaying the arrival of the buses.


It is important to remember that the carline is a courtesy.  I have personally discussed the current flow with the police department, and asked the district architect/engineers to review our options.  Based on that feedback, the cost to completely overhaul the lot to shift the flow of traffic is estimated between $750,000 to $1 million dollars.  At this time, this is funding that we would prefer to invest in our schools and classrooms.  


We are also experimenting with a few options for traffic management.  Please follow any directions that you are given.  Whenever possible, we highly recommend parking off-site and walking your child to school.  Please do not park in the parking lot unless you have to visit the office, cars leaving the lot while the carline is full interrupts the traffic flow and causes additional backups. 


To those of you who have offered a smile, thumbs up, or wave– thank you– they make my day!


Tomorrow, our Interim Principal, Mr. Garrido, will be welcoming students and I hope to turn the carline over to him in the next week. Thank you for your patience as we welcome the new school year.


Have a great day & safe driving!

Rachel Goldberg