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Like science itself, the development of an effective program of science instruction at Jonathan Dayton High School is an ongoing and dynamic process. From elementary school on through graduation from high school, our students and teachers work together to develop an understanding of what science is, and what it has to offer in a rapidly developing, modern society. Students use critical-thinking skills and develop an appreciation for the process of science, with the overall goal of developing a high level of scientific literacy.

Our core science courses in biology, chemistry, and physics are designed around the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards in Science. The majority of our students take four years of science in high school, including elective courses in Human Anatomy and Physiology, Forensics, Botany and Oceanography, offered as full year or semester classes. All incoming ninth grade students are enrolled in biology (Biology or Biology Honors), with a curriculum designed to prepare them for the new state end-of-course assessment, the NJ Biology Competency Test. The department also offers three Advanced Placement science courses in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Students who enroll in AP Biology are eligible to receive college credit through Seton Hall University’s “Project Acceleration.” The department also offers students the opportunity to supplement their interest in science with such activities as the Medical Careers Club, and the Environmental Club.

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