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The English Department at Jonathan Dayton High School seeks to fully engage all students by challenging them with diverse pieces of literature, appropriate writing assignments, oral presentations, and media literacy. The English Curriculum is structured to meet the New Jersey Student Learning Standards. Teachers provide students with opportunities to read with comprehension, think critically, work collaboratively, and communicate effectively.

Each student is required to take four years of English during his/her high school years. In a theme study approach, all students will read several pieces of literature that have a common topic. The philosophy of the department is to develop student mastery in the integrated areas of reading, literature, language, composition, and oral communication. Critical thinking skills and strategies are discussed and students will receive preparation for state assessment tests, and the PSAT, ACT, and SAT examinations. They will also be able to register for Advanced Placement Classes or in many of the department elective courses offered, such as, Creative Writing, Dramatics, Journalism, and Yearbook.

All incoming 9th grade students will be scheduled for a class in English Literature and a class in Freshmen Writing and Research. These classes are designed to provide students with a solid foundation in writing, researching and language arts literary skills. Students will be introduced to the necessary skills and techniques for a research component of the curriculum. This will include: choosing a topic, narrowing the focus, selecting sources, gathering information, organizing ideas, and presenting a final project. Students will also culminate their achievements and knowledge in English with a senior project at the end of their senior year.

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Below you will find educational links for parents and teachers.

The first website is Achieve the Core. This website is designed to offer free, ready to use classroom resources that support standards aligned instruction for all students.

The second website is presented by the Dept. of Education for ELA and Math and focuses on prerequisite concepts and skills.  Included here are the recommended prerequisite concepts and skills necessary for students to learn grade level content which is based on the New Jersey Student Learning Standards in ELA and Math. This tool is intended to support educators in the identification of any conceptual or skill gaps that might exist in a student’s understanding of the standards while also guiding educators to focus on specific prerequisite concepts. The organization of this document mirrors that of the instructional units and reflects a grouping of standards and student learning objectives.

Lastly, Achieve the Core contains family guides for parents.  The guides are a brief overview for parents and ways to support their child.  

Student Achievement Partners' Family Guides


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Supervisor of Humanities PK-12

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