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Visual, Performing & Practical Arts

The Springfield Public School District is committed to providing our students with a well rounded education that will prepare them with the experiences needed for a successful future.

We believe that Visual, Performing, & Practical Arts are a necessary component of our lives, a vital contributor to our learning, our well being, and to our existence. It helps us understand the past, helps us develop values, and organize the elements of our lives.

Visual, Performing, & Practical Arts experiences lead us to a more developed self through exploration and growth. They teach our students to shape and build an aesthetically sound future in a highly technical society, participate more fully in a diverse population, and express and evaluate the human condition.

Whether a student is cognitively or physically challenged or whether they are talented above the norm, Visual, Performing, & Practical Arts offers an approachable avenue for each and every person. Students involved in these experiences often utilize higher-level problem solving, analysis, synthesis and evaluations skills before, during or after an arts endeavor. It is through these elements that our curriculum is developed and addressed.