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Overview of A/B Hybrid Model


In Grades PreK-8 schools will utilize 2-day (A/B) Hybrid Model as described in the Springfield 2020: Reopening Our Schools document. 


The sample schedule for Jonathan Dayton High School has been modified, and will be different from the schedule in the plan.  Additional information about the specific schedule will be shared in the coming weeks.  


Hybrid Model Elements

The District will be integrating the formerly proposed Hybrid Model - A/B Schedule, where all students participating will attend on either Mondays and Tuesdays (A) or Thursdays and Fridays (B). In-person learning will occur over four-hours, and utilize an Early Dismissal Schedule. On days that students are not attending in-person classes, they will be interacting with teachers through scheduled online learning opportunities.

This schedule is designed to specifically support developmentally appropriate practices. Students will interact directly with teachers and utilize a variety of synchronous (i.e. Zoom) and asynchronous (i.e. RazKids, iReady) resources to support learning.

A/B Hybrid Model


  • PreK-5 School Assignments:
    • In-person learning is expected to occur in 2-hour programs. PreK will follow a modified A/B schedule provided by the building principal.
    • Grades K-2 students will attend in person at Walton.
    • Grades 3-5 will attend their regularly assigned school (Sandmeier or Caldwell).


  • A/B Model:
    • Students will be assigned to an “A” Group meeting on Mondays and Tuesdays, or a “B” Group meeting on Thursdays and Fridays
    • Whenever possible, students will be scheduled on A or B days with other family members. 
    • Wednesdays will continue to be half-days for all students, there will be all virtual instruction.



  • Daily Schedules:
    • All school start times are subject to slight adjustments to accommodate transportation and drop-off.  School specific information will be shared by each building principal.
    • Classes will be taught as a “hybrid” with some students learning from home and some in-person simultaneously.  Students at home will receive specific asynchronous learning times to accommodate in-person small group meetings.
    • On days of hybrid instruction, in-person learning will occur for the first (4) hours of each day. 
    • A travel and transition period to support lunch periods and asynchronous learning will be provided.
    • Virtual school will continue at the end of each day, supporting small group meetings “check-in” and “special” instructional periods.


  • As described in the 09/09/2020 Presentation: Springfield Public Schools Virtual Instruction Guide, sample schedules including lesson frameworks were provided and will be modified to reflect the A/B Hybrid Model.